"I'm in the best shape since I retired from professional football" - Mike Alstott

Mike “The A-Train” Alstott

If a 39-year-old former All-Pro fullback is fearless enough to seek assistance for his slowly fatiguing body, maybe recognizing your age isn’t such a bad thing. “You plateau. You’re working out all the time, but you see no results. Being on this product, the results have been awesome.” Just five weeks into his Mancore® life, Mike’s results were explosive. “Mentally, it drives you to do more. I’ve shed 15 lbs. I’m getting more defined and increasing my strength. The results have been unbelievable.” By combatting his aging body’s natural hormone imbalance, Mike is looking, feeling and performing better than ever.



The Mancore® System

Mancore® will rapidly redefine your competitive edge by burning fat and increasing metabolism, enhancing energy and improving overall body composition, while increasing muscle, strength and stamina.*
As men age, their testosterone levels are naturally depleted, but Mancore® enhances libido and stamina and replenishes youth hormone levels, enhancing body’s ability lose weight and build muscle. This unique system also dramatically improves sleep quality and can increase human growth hormone levels by 157%. Men need safe, healthy products that work and can get them back to where they want to be. That’s where Mancore® comes in.*
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